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Internet Security Fundamentals Practical Steps To Increase Your Online Security

Internet Security Ebook Download
Internet Security Fundamentals Practical
Steps To Increase Your Online Security
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This is a FREE easy to understand, digestible  guide of the most commonly faced security threats any computer user is likely to face through his daily Internet activities such as threats comes via email, social media and online shopping.

This comprehensive, informative eBook is especially useful for a typical computer user who has limited knowledge of what can and will go wrong on the Internet. The author did a good job here to give some awareness to users to avoid threats and potential damages to the users.

Though threat protection softwares like antivirus / antimalware are now incredibly advanced, but the problem of viruses is worse than ever! evils are smarter than ever! This is because many viruses trick the user into installing them, some in the form of free tool-bars, screen-savers, etc... The same way that the most sophisticated alarm system and door security is not much use if you open the door from the inside to let someone in. said another way, internal vulnerabilities could be worser than external loopholes.  This book explains why you cannot just rely on just antivirus, but also need to be aware of the various scams and tricks used by criminals.

Following Topics are Covered in this Ebook:

  • viruses & trojans
  • exploits & security flaws
  • online scams
  • a question of trust
  • greed
  • porn
  • typos
  • fake antivirus
  • phishing
  • using a shared computer
  • using shared Wifi
  • eBay & PayPal
  • spam
  • social media
  • online gambling
  • Flash & java
  • smartphones & tablets
  • removing a virus
  • email
  • online dating
  • illegal software
  • parental control software
  • fake jobs
  • online privacy